IdeaGem 1.0 - Tech Ideathon

IdeaGem 1.0 - Tech Ideathon

Welcome Ideators & Enthusiasts

Introducing to you IdeaGem 1.0 : a strategic and creative ideathon that invites all the bright and talented minds in the nation to demonstrate their genius, talent, and inventiveness while putting their problem-solving and strategy-building abilities to the test. So, hold your breath as you create prototypes to solve a given problem-statement on a given theme, all without the need for coding!!

NOTE: Final Offline Round Will Be On 29th February 2024

We have something really interesting in store for you, so do not think of it as just another ideathon or coding event! This contest will be nothing less than a cerebral war for participants from all different fields!

  • Join us on this journey of innovation and creativity with a group of 3 or 4 people.

  • Individuals: You do not have a gang? No need to worry; simply register as an individual and we will assist you in finding your other comrades.

Additionally, a secret superpower, the tech stack, and the theme will all be available on the day of the event.

What is the role of “ACM Coins” here?

"ACM Coins" are the feature of the event that makes it noteworthy. Depending on how you use them strategically, these will be your win tokens.

Each team will receive 100 ACM Coins, which will function as a voucher that can be used to alter themes, upgrade tech stacks, or simply buy extra time.

Coins Weightage

X 2 coins - 1 Minute X 30 coins - Change of Tech-Stack X 30 coins - Change of Theme/Domain

Now, the question is, how?

  • Imagine that you are about to submit your work but have not finished it yet due to a few minor errors. Do not worry; you can buy yourself some extra time with these coins if you would like. Isn’t this cool?

  • One minute can be purchased with two coins. That is, if you want an extra 15 minutes, you can spend 2 x 15, or 30 coins, to buy it.

You can trade 30 coins to change your tech-stack and another 30 to change your theme in addition to time.

Remember! Survival is always assured to the one who knows how to save. So the more coins you save, the more points you will receive at the end of the contest to add up to your total points and determine your success!

Your future will be determined by the following elements, so prepare yourself and focus on these factors to generate ideas appropriately:

  • How solid your concepts are
  • Your points earned in the judging round.
  • The PowerPoint presentation you have prepared
  • The improvements you make following the mentorship round
  • The coins you have saved.

The top three teams will receive the greatest scores in this IdeaGem 1.0, and they will also receive many fantastic prizes!

So buckle up and prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey with us as we use our superior intelligence and strategy-building skills to take you off the ground and redefine possibilities while you wittily navigate all the obstacles in your path!

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Team size

1 - 5

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